Caged Affection

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    Caged Affection

    Book Description 

    Caged Affection is about Melanie, a half blood witch whose mother was murdered by vampires when she was eight. She goes through everyday life trying to keep this secret. The only person that knows about it is her best friend, Katie. She feels alone and unwanted by the world. She meets a vampire, Bryce, who was betrayed by the only person he has ever loved He feels cold and empty with nowhere and no one to see. He only has himself and his to keep him happy. But when he and Melanie do meet, there is something there… something confusing, exciting, something that makes them more happy than they have been in a long time. Despite the fact that they are supposed to hate each other, they can’t come to making themselves do so. Will Bryce be able to keep Melanie safe and discover their destiny?

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